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WOWМакет - your virtual sales office

Sell real estate with AR technology

Augmented reality technology improves any real estate sales. AR solutions - are more simple, more technological and more convenient than physical model.
Show your buyers the future today.

About WOWМакет(тм)

Augmented Reality otherwise abbreviated as AR - is an innovative technology, which is implemented very successfully into business all around the world.

Such solutions abilities and potential are truly limitless.
Our company uses tremendous AR usability for an innovative product called WOWMaket - interactive model of a residential complex, which can be easily shown anywhere in the world, using your own tablet.

Which goals achieves
WOWМакет(тм) for a developer?

WOWМакет(тм) makes impression on everyone and sells any property

like a diamond

Makes difference among competitors and impression on buyer. You’re in favor!


Show your residential complex anywhere with minimal expenses


Easily duplicates and allows to save on printed presentations or models.


WOWМакет(тм) - is a beautiful tool to close deals and increase sales

How you may use WOWМакет(тм)

Dramatically fits the needs of business centers, special exhibitions events,
developers’ sales departments, personal and VIP presentations

In-office presentation

Show projects to your guests and partners with a help of interactive presentation on your tablet


Business and commercial centers

Broadcast images from your tablet’s screen to any SmartTV device or remote screen - attract customers


Out-of-office presentation

Due to a complete mobility, you may take your WOWМaket(тм) anywhere you like and do an impressive presentation


Virtual showroom

Buyer may explore plans and details of every apartment, see it alive prior to make his decision on signing papers


Interactive tour

Take every single client of yours to a virtual walk across your complex, without making a single step outside


Physical model analog

Instead of creating huge and expensive model you will have a universal, easily duplicated and a 100% mobile one


Our projects which use
WOWМакет(тм) technology

Some of our accomplished projects

Did you like them and
do you want something like that?

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WOW!compare with other solutions

Simple technology excellence among popular presentation options in developers’ offices


Physical model


Delivery device $600-$1 000 - from $5 000
Production time 1-2 weeks 1-3 months 1-2 months
Mobility Maximum - available anywhere Low - difficult to transport Low - difficult to transport
Duplication Limitless and free Difficult, long and expensive Each unit is - $5.000
Interactive Yes No Yes
Lead processing Yes No Optional
Price about $6.000-$10.000 about $20.000-$50.000 about $15.000-$50.000

What you are getting
with your basic WOWМакет(тм)

Simple technology excellence among popular presentation options in developers’ offices

Interactive 3D model
of Your complex

iPad Pro with pre-installed software

Interactive points about your residential complex infrastructure

project gallery
360 degree panoramas and video

Floor and apartment plans
in 2D

Option to send 2D floor plan
to e-mail

What options
can we add?

Tailor-made solutions for clients special demands

Spherical 360
degree panoramas

Round view and 360 degree panorama without restrictions

Interactive 3D
apartments floor plans

Ability to take a live close up look of an apartment 3D floor plan

Send an apartments’ 3D model
to a customer

Send selected floor plans to customer’s e-mail with infrastructure 3D models included

Infrastructure 3D models

Important infrastructure points are shown in details

Prices and terms. Options

We use the principle of basic product + additional options, individually set according to each clients’ goals.

Some need a lot of options, others feel that basic WOW!Solution is just right.

Do a short test,
to obtain solution price quotation!


You need basic solution, without additional options


a turn-key solution
30 work days


You want extended solution, some special demands

start from $6.000

a turn-key solution
30 work days


Which steps shall we
take to create ourWOWМакет(тм)?

To make it real simple, besides our initial meeting routine,
signing papers and payments, there are only three steps to a successful project creation

1. Initial data analysis

Send us your complex 3D model so we can test it and in a matter of some hours you will see how the model looks like after the conversion.

2. Model completion

We add and setup information points, 3D panoramas, create floor plans

3. Final demonstration

Final result demonstration and confirmation. Adjustments. Ready-to-use solution is given to a customer.

Have extra questions to answer?


Send your request and we will contact you within a day


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You are paying 50/50. Initial advance payment is due only after our specialists complete the analysis of your model and we agree, that the model is suitable for further development and you liked the test render.
After initial payment is done, you obtain a dedicated account manager, who negotiates and coordinates all the necessary work. Final payment is subject to close after final confirmation.
Yes, sure. Basic options are fully operational and usable product. You may add any additional options as soon as they occur and they are easily integrated to WOWMaket on any stage.
- Model has to be in 3dsmax format
- Model archive has to include all its textures and proxies
- Model has to be operational, without critical errors
- You have to make sure, that your model is the latest actual version you need
Our specialists notice that prior to production stage and we will give you our feedback, including terms and conditions, price estimates to complete current model
We have more than 10 years of experience in marketing and promotion real estate. If you have no materials at all to create WOWMaket and the only thing is your architecture project, our MiroStroy team is ready to help you with all of those
from basic 3D-modelling to a complete solution.
Yep. We will integrate them with no extra cost.

Implement innovative approach in real estate marketing today

WOWМакет(тм) allows you to improve sales and attract potential clients, reduce costs on samples development, makes your sales department really mobile and efficient.

Show your clients visualization, send floor plans and high-quality 3D renders to their e-mails, interact with your customer 100%!


RC "Urban Park" - UkrBud

RC Urban Park is located in the Desnyanskiy district of Kiev, along the streets of Murmansk and Popudrenko. The complex has ten 25-storey residential buildings with commercial premises on ground floors, underground and guest parking. Near convenient transport interchange, to Lesnaya metro station is a few minutes walk. Developed infrastructure for recreation for every taste, near the art factory "Platform" and the park "Kyoto".

RC Urban Park is created according to the modern concepts of “city in a city” and “a yard without cars”. The complex has its own kindergarten, a restaurant by the lake, sports and Themed playgrounds, cozy gazebos.


RC "Intergal City"
Intergal Bud

Multifunctional residential complex "Intergal City" is located in the heart of the capital, on Pechersk, on the street Staronavodnitskaya.

The unique city of the future - the latest business-class complex - will be on a par with the most world famous models. Everything is original in this building: bold use white, unique architecture, organization of open spaces in interior, air bridges that combine cascading green terraces with areas recreation.

RC "Intergal City" organically combines all spheres of modern life: a residential complex, shopping and business center. The futuristic elegance of the complex allows you to place in its towers are luxury residential apartments and penthouses. Immense views of them will open city center, Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, "Mother Motherland" and the green slopes of the Dnieper.

The infrastructure of the complex will be represented by a gallery of boutiques, a luxurious SPA-center with a swimming pool, a fitness center with training rooms, a cafe and a restaurant with its own terrace, - at the service of the residents of the complex will be all the possibilities of a modern lifestyle. There is also a spacious underground and guest parking for residents and owners. commercial real estate. The future is "Intergal City"!


RC "The Magnificent City" - UkrBud

RC "The Magnificent City" — project from the Ukrainian State Building of the Corporation "Ukrbud", the developers of the project are: LLC "Ukrbud Development" and Perfect Group TM.

The complex is located in Darnytskyi district of the city of Kiev, at ul. Boryspil, 18-26. The building area of 12 hectares is an entire neighborhood with its own infrastructure. By the project construction of residential buildings, shopping center with underground parking is envisaged and kindergarten, playgrounds and playgrounds.